Earthquake in Kerala, epicentre in Sumatra

Earthquake has hit Kerala between 2 to 2:40 PM on this day the 11th of April 2012, mainly in central parts of Kerala, Malabar coast and some parts of Bangalore. The epicentre of the Earthquake was in Sumatra which registered around 8.7 on the Richter scale. Though the Pacific Tsunami warning has been toned down, it is being said that if the waves do hit they will hit by around 5: 30 in the evening.

There are reports of tremors being felt in Cochin and the aftershocks are still being registered in the seismographs in Idukki dam area. The details of any tremors in the catchment area of Mullaperiyar dam are yet to come, as this old masonry dam has been the bone of discontent between Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Any major earthquakes in this area will cause several districts in Kerala to be washed off due to the collapse of the Mullaperiyar dam.

No tremors were however felt in the southern districts but reports of waves normal than average are being reported by fishermen from the coast. People are being warned to stay indoors and not to venture out near the coast.


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