Boiling egg, my way

I am a great fan of eggs especially, my version of the half boiled egg. It is the easiest way to have an egg apart from eating it raw.

For this all you need to do is heat a little more than half a cup of water till it comes to boil. Pour the water into a steel tumbler and lower your egg with the help of a spoon into the hot water and keep it for around 2 mins or till the tiny air bubbles from the egg stop coming up. Dont put the egg in the tumbler first and pour water over it, as there is a greater chance that the egg will crack. Now remove the egg from the hot water and allow it to cool off for around 2-3 minutes.

The half boiled egg, my version is done and now the proper way to eat it, would be to make a crack with the spoon butt at the base of the egg and then with your fingers slowly make the crack wide enough for you to put the base of the spoon in and stir after adding a little bit of salt and ground pepper.

The egg yolk mixes with the white. The salt and pepper add a perfect flavour to your egg. Make sure that you mix the salt first with the spoon and then add the ground pepper in small increments stirring all the time, otherwise the pepper has a tendency to lump together. If you put the salt and pepper together and stir the result would be that the salt sticks to the lump of pepper. Now put your lips to the base of the egg and flip your head back and allow the salty, peppery, yolky liquid to slide down your throat. Aah! I love that feeling.


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Sarin has worked as a product manager for some big telecom companies and is a prolific blogger
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4 Responses to Boiling egg, my way

  1. Paula says:

    Have you ever tried eggs on pizza? So good!!

    • sarin says:

      Paula, thanks for visiting my blog and liking it.

      I have never tried eggs on pizza. I presume you crack the egg, beat it and pour it on top of the flour before placing it in the oven. Is that right?

      Also I understand your blog because I too had a life transforming experience of similar sorts. Life only stops when we decide it to stop, so let this not affect your life.

      Wish you wonderful years ahead.

      • Paula says:

        Thank you for reading my story and for your words of encouragement. It means so much to me.

        As for eggs on a pizza: it’s best to take hard-boiled eggs and slice them into quarters and spread over the cheese like any other topping. Yum!!!

      • sarin says:

        Thanks Paula. I will tell you my experience one day.

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