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Trivandrum- a legend of a royal city

Trivandrum was were I spent most of my life. The best thing I felt about the city was the theatres, that were all clustered together in a 1 and a half kilometre radius making it convenient during my college days … Continue reading

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Earthquake in Kerala, epicentre in Sumatra

Earthquake has hit Kerala between 2 to 2:40 PM on this day the 11th of April 2012, mainly in central parts of Kerala, Malabar coast and some parts of Bangalore. The epicentre of the Earthquake was in Sumatra which registered … Continue reading

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The psychology of using fear of the unkown for business- Astrology

I must say I am less than a devout Hindu. Anyway, I am not your average cow worshipping Hindu. When I see a cow on the street my first thought is that if it was in my state it would … Continue reading

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A villa in Chennai

Chennai is a place I love to hate, but Chennai is also the place that showed me what friendship could mean, what looking out for someone was all about. It was on a rainy day that I arrived in Chennai … Continue reading

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Boiling egg, my way

I am a great fan of eggs especially, my version of the half boiled egg. It is the easiest way to have an egg apart from eating it raw. For this all you need to do is heat a little … Continue reading

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Tale of a Gangster- Shantaram

After several years of reading books, I had dropped the habit and confined myself to more interesting pursuits in life, that is till the time I came across this book, Shantaram. For many years I had not finished a book … Continue reading

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I love Cochin

Cochin was the first city I loved. Cochin is a small and beautiful stretch of place with a history to boot. Its many restaurants and places to see make you wish you had seen this place earlier. My life in … Continue reading

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